Texas Monthly's Bullshit

The magazine offers yet another favor to a Bush

Heat for Ice

Pius Vinton Smashed Ice sought leniency last week after pleading guilty to the January murder of Indian activist Standing Deer (see "Ghost Dance," July 10).

In the sentencing hearing, defense attorney Randall Ayers urged state District Judge Belinda Hill to allow Smashed Ice to follow in Standing Deer's footsteps by turning his life around and becoming a leader for his people. Without comment, Ayers also introduced photographs of dildos and porn movies found in the dead man's apartment the night of his stabbing.

Downtown sidewalks now feature paving squares with 
glowing quotes about Houston. Here's another quote 
Metro missed.
Mark Brewer
Downtown sidewalks now feature paving squares with glowing quotes about Houston. Here's another quote Metro missed.
Carmen displays huge tracts of gratitude.
Carmen displays huge tracts of gratitude.

Standing Deer's youngest daughter, Vickie Larsen, held an Indian necklace as she told the judge how her children had been looking forward to meeting their grandfather for the first time -- and how she had grown closer to him in recent years.

Smashed Ice had rejected a 50-year offer from prosecutors earlier. Hill sentenced him to the maximum of life in prison. The 38-year-old Lakota will be eligible for parole in 30 years. -- Craig Malisow

Bust to Boom

Our old friend Carmen, who set up a Web site to pull in enough contributions for a boob job, has gone and increased her bust (see "Dreaming of Bigger Things," March 13). Just a few months ago, she'd received only $29.49 in donations, but that quickly ballooned to almost $5,000. Carmen herself put up the other $2,000 for the surgery.

"My old bra size was 36B, and now I am a small 36D," she says. "They look so great, and for the first time, a few days after surgery, I was able to go out without a padded bra on and not worry about how I looked. It was a wonderful feeling." Give her time to heal, she says, and she'll post photographic proof of her new pride on her Internet site: www.donateboobs.com.

Appropriately, Carmen gives thanks from another part of her anatomy -- the "bottom of my heart" -- as the requests for donations continue. "Remember," she writes, "I am in serious need of new bras for these boobs, so donating a buck or two will really help me out in that department!" Victoria's Secret stock -- and, most likely, some other things -- just shot way up. -- Cathy Matusow

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