Alphabet Soup

The Colour Clear knows exactly where it should be filed in the record store. But what about in real life?

"I was taking an assessment of my life and feeling as though I still didn't know what to do with it," he says. "In the haze of drunkenness, the anxieties of being raised Catholic and constantly being told that you are a sinner and you will burn in a lake of fire unless you pray a certain amount of times or unless you perform these sacraments or all these rules. [In the song] I'm just talking to God and having him ask me what I want in life. And my response is…that I really don't know."

What the Colour Clear does know is that it needs some help. Not on the musical side, but on the business side. Its local gigs are admittedly infrequent, and out-of-town jaunts are limited to single dates in places like Austin, Galveston, Lake Jackson and that industrial metal stronghold, Beaumont. They hope to find a manager and booking agent to get them in doors they believe you have to have contacts to enter. And when it comes time to winnow down some candidates, the band says they'll all have equal say. Well, mostly.

"We're very democratic; everyone counts as one vote," Barber explains. "Well, except the twins. They'll count as one."

Help wanted: The Colour Clear is desperately seeking management and booking.
Help wanted: The Colour Clear is desperately seeking management and booking.


plays Saturday, August 9. Seventh Day Sky, Ignite the Morning, Reform and the Kidnap Soundtrack are also on the bill. For more information, call 713-862-3838.
Fitzgerald's, 2706 White Oak Drive

The gaze of one the band members drifts toward a wall, on which is hanging a current promo photo of former New Kid on the Block Danny Wood (no doubt put there by some irony-loving Fitz employee). Wood now sports shades, tattoos and ill-advised "ghetto" clothing in an effort to project a more "hard" image.

"Is that the New Kid guy? Gee, I hope we don't end up like him," says somebody, with all the genuine pity of seeing someone in a hospital bed after a tragic accident. And you do have to feel bad for the former teen sensation. After all, if any record store carries his new disc, it will have to come after fellow '80s faces Kim Wilde and Steve Winwood in the alphabetical game. Somehow, being stocked next to Color Me Badd doesn't sound so bad after all.

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