Letters to the Editor

From the issue of Thursday, August 7, 2003

The review of Medea was an onslaught of judgments about how the reviewer would have liked to see the show done. This is not a review! I am not sure whether this reviewer is a frustrated director or actor, but to say that the directing was "underdeveloped" on a production that has been going for almost a year is ridiculous and should be considered a flagrant example of what the power of one or two reviewers in a town of over four million can do to a company on the rise. So many of the audience comments were positive and supportive that we know we had a wonderful piece.

As I move into the national arena as a director, I suggest with conviction that the Houston Press stick a little closer to the actual job of reviewing. She did get one thing right: I am ambitious, and I think Houston audiences might be better off finding out about new theater companies on their own as opposed to being influenced by an infantile "protectionist" reviewer.

Ann C. James, the Medea Project


Happy with Louise

Patsy Cline kudos: Thank you so much for your lovely review of our show ["Polished Patsy," by Lee Williams, July 17]. You understood what I was trying to bring to the character, Louise. Your recognition means a lot to me.

We're having a ball!

Susan O. Koozin


Plot Boiler

Movie review details: All right, Bill Gallo. I get it. You don't like Mandy Moore ["Ms. Deal," July 17] and you don't like people and movies and music that you perceive as being corporately packaged.

But if you are a movie critic (as opposed to a political or social polemicist), perhaps you might include a note pertaining to the plot, pacing, characterization, direction, acting -- you know, what people read movie reviews to find out.

The only thing revealed in your "review" was that you don't like this type of movie or this particular actress. Now, my first reaction is probably similar to yours. I was subjected to a previous Mandy Moore movie by a niece, and I found it predictable and bland.

But writing a review that says, essentially, "I don't like this type of movie or this particular actress" is not good criticism.

Chad Stevens


Those Guys in Skirts?

Celtic defender: Okay, folks. What's up? Did y'all get bought out by the Chronicle? You used to be the best (read: only) supporter of Celtic music in Houston. What happened? Since it's not a big business, and henceforth a get-rich-quick moneymaker for the city, did ya dump us Celtic fans? Come on, no Celtic category this year for the Houston Press Music Awards?

And there isn't a self-respecting Irish pub in town that hasn't sold out to the yuppie-scum-wanna-be-gangsta-rap-music crowd (except for the Duck, and they're too small for bagpipes). Music editor John Nova Lomax wants to know why the body count on Richmond is so high; one can only partially blame you guys for promoting that "don't diss me, I be bad, I'll shoot you in the head, motherfucker" type of music.

Oh, well, the payback is that the pipers will get more gigs at the funerals. I just don't want to hear them under those circumstances.

Name withheld by request


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