Tale of Two Cities

Kid-Care's former leader says the attorney general is playing favorites

Manos also fell in love with video producer Christine James. Last month, jubilant friends gathered for the wedding at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral. And when he was late, they shared jokes about his chronic tardiness even for his own nuptials.

Finally, attorney Gus Pappas drove back to the house to check on him.

Manos, finely attired in his wedding suit, was sprawled on the grass, dead from apparent heart failure as he rushed toward his car. He was 60 years old.

James says she and her fiancé were at least able to exchange "I love you" that morning. "I really think the stress from the reality of being back in the civilized world caught up with him," she says. "He'd been doing everything he could to make up for those earlier years. He was a good man." -- G.F.

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