Whirlwind Heat, with the Kills and the Singles

Wednesday, September 10

Rearrange the letters in "Whirlwind Heat" very slightly and you get White and Whirl, which is a pretty good way to describe the Michigan band's über-Caucasian indie/art rock. It also could work as shorthand for the project -- Jack White produced the album and I'm sure there are some who call the band simply Whirl. And it also removes the word "heat" from the equation -- which is also definitely addition by subtraction, for this trio's frigid sound is anything but hot. Then there's the whole color thing -- all of the songs on their new album, Do Rabbits Wonder?(Do they? Dammit! I've got to know!), are named after colors.


Wednesday, September 10; for more information, call 713-869-5263
Fat Cat's, 4216 Washington Avenue

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The picture the band scrawls with this poor kid's crayon box of 13 songs is of a dorky skeleton dancing to Devo. Sludgy guitars and farty bass and whiny caterwauling vocals occasionally recede into the background to make way for the band's best feature: the off-the-hook Moog synthesizer solos of singer David Swanson. Bluesy London punkers the Kills and Detroit pop-rockers/Cotton Mather acolytes the Singles also appear.

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