Frank Motley

Spacely Spat

A talented DJ: It saddens me that Craig Lindsey, who did the artist write-up for Mister Spacely in the Music Awards guide [July 24], has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to party DJs. He dragged Mister Spacely through the mud for a second year in a row, obviously without knowing anything about him.

Mister Spacely was the only DJ nominated who produces his own music, remixes artists from all over the country and travels and performs at massive events in and around Texas. If you don't know anything about the artist, go see him play or find someone else to write the review.

Kristen Andrako

Great Geezer

Dio's still strong: Thank you for the article on Dio ["Soaring on the Wings of a Demon," by Bob Ruggiero, August 14]. It was a welcome change from writings about people much less talented, like the nü-metal crowd about which we get to read most of the time.

I went to see Dio perform at the Pavilion, and all I can say is that for a 60-something-year-old guy, his voice is incredibly powerful and the performance can match any other top-notch act out there today.

J.J. Braunius

No Bubble Brain

Liz has depth: Thank you so much for your article on Liz Phair ["Exile in Whinerville," by Gina Arnold, July 31]. It is appalling how writers can unabashedly attack Ms. Phair, not for her musical ability but for her persona.

I would have hoped that more writers would have the maturity and the openness you possess to view this album for what it is -- an artist doing what she does best: bringing real life into real music. As for Liz wanting to be more like Britney, I think she'd rather be exiled in hell than don the bubblegum crown.

Laura Otto Houston

Phair balance: Awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an insightful, intelligent and "phair" commentary about Liz Phair and her music.

Jen Cooper

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