An understanding of basic constitutional law should tell Nixon that one of the three co-equal branches of our government -- in the case of Proposition 12, the legislature -- may not infringe the power of any other. An understanding of fundamental Christian principles should tell Nixon that denying Texas citizens jury trials as Prop 12 will do, is an unrighteous swipe at those who can least afford to pay lawyers for representation.

So why is Joe Nixon leading this unholy charge?

The media reported that Mr. Nixon recently accepted two insurance payments totaling more than $300,000 for mold-related claims. An insurance company auditor asked why the claims were paid when they were not covered. The response was that they were paid because Mr. Nixon is a special friend of the insurance industry.

Obviously, money and power are more important to Nixon than either the welfare of Texans or the well-being of our constitutional legal system. Mr. Nixon, go to confession; your soul could use it.

Dana LeJune

Taking Dead Ames

No tears: Saw and enjoyed your 100 percent, spot-on, non-tribute to the disgusting Roy Ames [Racket, by John Nova Lomax, August 28]. All I can add personally is that I hope his death was a slow and painful one. He deserved nothing less.

However, I'd like to correct a mistake about Jimmy "T-99" Nelson's Ames-recorded material. Ace actually did not release any of the material that Ames cut on T-99 -- admittedly plans were afoot to release a vinyl collection, back in 1989, as a follow-up to our vinylization of the man's RPM/Kent masters. However, this did not happen, partly because the A&R department at the time decided that Ames's recordings did not really do this great artist full justice, and mostly because of a directorial decision that Ames was not really a man to do business with.

FYI: Ace is just about to give T-99's Olliet and RPM material its first ever legal CD release in a new package titled Cry Hard Luck, compiled and annotated by yours truly.

Again, everyone at Ace really enjoyed your piece. As far as Roy C. Ames is concerned, death couldn't have happened to a more deserving recipient.

Tony Rounce, Ace Records Ltd.
London, United Kingdom

Clip art: Thank you for your article on Roy Ames. A funny aside: You mentioned the fake Double Bayou Dance Hall posters. About a year ago, I bought one, and brought it to a Joe "Guitar" Hughes show at the Big Easy and asked Joe to sign it for me. He told me, "You know this is poster is a fake…I never opened for T-Bone at Double Bayou and I didn't use 'Guitar' in my name back then."

I told him that I figured the poster was a fake but that I wanted him to sign it anyway, and he obliged. I still haven't framed it, but now I'm thinking about cutting the poster so that the "Joe 'Guitar' Hughes" part with his signature remains. Maybe I'll just frame that and throw the rest of it away! Keep up the good work.

Steve Gilbert

On the Matt

Straight reviews, please: I was shocked to read your "review" of Matt Brownlie in the August 14 issue ["Hothouse Flowers," by John Nova Lomax]. It's really clear that you have strong opinions regarding Matt's personality, appearance or whatever. What the hell does that have to do with his music?

I enjoy your writing, your acerbic wit, your slightly twisted angle. But what I don't need is your personal issues -- that's simple Journalism 101. Leave the personal stuff in your private journal, or at the bar, or wherever I don't have to read it.

And hey, for next year's Music Awards Showcase, how about having half of the venues start their bands on the half-hour, so we can see/hear more. Love that showcase!

Susie Robinson

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