Playing by the Rules

A Houston softball team accuses Atlanta of being too straight

This Year's Model

Thigh-high boots and a slit skirt offering an enticing flash of leg. Stiletto heels that look to be five inches tall. It's time for some serious street journalism! At least it is on, the personal Web site of KPRC-TV's newest reporter, Railcar Killer pen pal Cynthia Hunt. After sitting out a noncompete clause, the former KTRK reporter is back on the air with a glamorous new look that she celebrates with several high-fashion shots on her site. Rake that muck -- with style! -- R.C.

Carson Kressley:  A star player on Queer Eye.
Carson Kressley: A star player on Queer Eye.
Cynthia Hunt
Cynthia Hunt

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