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Meet Paris Green -- the newest entry in the next big thing from Houston sweepstakes

And the best gig? It was one for a crowd of mullet-wearing bikers in Baltimore. "They were these old dudes, but they were the nicest guys!"

For now, though, the band's focus is on adding to their short discography, and perhaps Price was right about their being best caught live. Paris Green, their most recent CD, contains all of Simplevision plus two new tracks ("Reset" and "By Opinion"). Extra tracks or no, what the CD can't capture is Patin's patented onstage thrashing vocal exorcisms that find his eyes rolling toward the back of his head while the band builds a cacophonic sonic wall behind him.

The band's lyricist is hardly a cheery sort -- song subjects range from the end of the world, heavy-handed government and (in the case of "Reset") his Eminem-like relationship with his mother.

Going up: Paris Green takes the freight elevator.
Going up: Paris Green takes the freight elevator.

"It's almost nonexistent, but for a reason. She doesn't try, and therefore I don't try," Patin answers via e-mail some weeks after the question is first posed. "I believe that kids need love from both parents, and when one is missing, things go another direction and they learn not to trust. The song is about starting over and growing and forgetting about all the things that waste life when you are mad and upset."

Patin is more confident about Paris Green's strong bonds with other area bands, including Blue October, Faceplant and Hollister Fracus. "Houston bands have been getting a lot more recognition and interest in the past year or so from people outside the city," Patin offers. "And I think we should support each other and bring each other up. That's the way to do it."

"When we started, things were very competitive and hostile, but I'm seeing some of that going away," Peña adds. "People are really cooperating."

That probably includes the sharing of information important to all local bands that find themselves eating with little cash at odd hours. And Gosney has some vital info on that end from personal experience. "I won't eat the bacon mushroom melt ever again," he grins. "Ever!" Paris Green will record a live CD Saturday, September 27, at the 19th Hole, 202 Sawdust Road, The Woodlands. For more information, call 281-363-2574.

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