Becky DeMoss
Cleveland, Texas

Religion and rights: As a longtime activist in the debates over reproductive rights, I have often observed that anti-choice protesters are Christian. In a city as diverse as Houston, and certainly on a campus as diverse as UH, I am interested in hearing the opinions of anti-choice non-Christians and, more specifically, how their opinion is or is not based on their religious views.

Elizabeth Ford

Removed from reality: I thank you for the article. You have rendered with poignant accuracy the fact that not only are the anti-choice people (three in the article) completely detached from the issue, they are also quite fanatic in their stance.

The two women do not date because it is "practice for divorce," one of them was "called by God," and the third anti-choice member is a man (who, I'm sorry, cannot truly understand the concept of having another being grow inside you). The two women cannot in any way relate to a woman being pregnant since, in their safe world of Bibles and abstinence, the possibility would appear only through immaculate conception.

The fact is that anti-choice closes the doors to dialogue, and it judges events, people, circumstances and feelings completely separate from them. To say it plainly, they ain't got a clue!

Furthermore, the comment regarding women and hangers was disgusting, considering the number of horrific deaths caused by botched abortions and back-alley operations. Pro-life? Whose life?!

Maria Vittoria Garbino

Best of the Worst

No tagger tributes: I am a regular reader of the Houston Press, which effectively removes me from any right-wing mantle, and I usually enjoy the Best of Houston issue [September 25]. However, I was surprised to see the Best Graffiti Artist category, complete with a glowing tribute to some jerk who is responsible for blatant vandalism that damages the city's image and costs taxpayers thousands of dollars to repair.

I doubt that any responsible members of the community admire seeing that crap, and I expect the Press to be slightly more civic-minded than this. But if not, why do something only halfway? Why not laud other environmental criminals by adding such categories as Best Litterer and Best Toxic Waste Dumper?

And you could go a step further and honor more serious criminals with Best Child Molester or Best Serial Rapist. Criminals, however petty, get enough notoriety from the media without help from you guys. How about using a little better judgment?

Name withheld by request
Missouri City

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