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When it comes to local facts, don't rely on

Then there are probably hundreds of smaller, though equally bizarre, errors. Blues-rocker Hadden Sayers is described as an electronica artist, and off-kilter punks Middlefinger are tagged as techno. Among the list of "similar/ related" albums to Sprawl's King of Parking are albums as unrelated and dissimilar to Sprawl (and each other) as Southern rocker Dan Baird's Love Songs for the Hearing Impaired and a Billboard collection of the top dance hits from 1976. (Baird is a touchstone for many Houston artists -- that same album of his was also listed as similar to DJ Sun's Baby Wants to Ride.) A few weeks ago, mod rockers the John Sparrow's self-titled debut EP was listed as similar to a collection of Romanian folk songs, though more recently Allmusic pegged them as being more like '60s-era, letter jacket-wearing Mighty Wind-like folkies the Campus Singers. One of the Suspects' records was likened to James Brown's legendary 1968 Live at the Apollo.

And enough. All of this stuff is fixable. All you have to do is click on and report the errors, and Allmusic claims they will be fixed at some point in the next six weeks. As they say on their bug report form, Allmusic "prides itself on accuracy." We'll see about that. Send them your bugs, let Racket know when you do, and in seven weeks, Racket will give you a progress report.

Scuttlebutt Caboose

The long-awaited, two-years-in-the-making Linus Pauling Quartet CD C6H8O6 is finally out, and it is a killer. Among the many highlights to be discussed in greater detail in these pages at a later date is what is in all likelihood a first in recording history: a psychedelic satanic death-metal tribute to La Tapatia. (The CD is available at Sound Exchange.)…You hear it over and over again. What's wrong with the music scene in this town? Why is our scene so lame? What is to be done about the scene? Scene, scene, scene; blah, blah, blah. Last time I looked, the Houston music scene was doing fine. About a week ago, Beyoncé had the No. 1 pop single in America ("Baby Boy") and Baby Bash's "Suga Suga" was No. 9. How can a city with two simultaneous top ten hits from two different artists be said to have a lame scene? After all, that's two more hits than either Dallas or Austin has right now. Maybe, just maybe, the people who say the scene sucks here are just confusing what's going on at their favorite bar with what's going on all over Houston…There seems to be a jinx connected with the Dr Pepper "Be You" ad campaign. Garth Brooks has retired from the music business since making that weird spot with the Freaky Old Guy two years ago. He got off lucky. DP next approached Run-D.M.C. for the spots, and Jam Master Jay was shot and killed after the trio filmed their spot. Next, the Waco-born soft drink concern recruited Celia Cruz, who filmed her ad and then keeled over from a brain tumor. Paulina Rubio, Anastacia and Cyndi Lauper should be nervous.

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