Stealth Statue

Sssh! There's a secret project under way for the senior Bush

To help start the line, Nelly commissioned the Apple Bottoms Girl contest. One finalist each was selected from Houston and five other cities, with the six set to strut across the red carpet in Los Angeles on November 16. The already chosen grand prize winner was to be announced at the American Music Awards.

According to the unflinching, exacting standards of Nelly, 23-year-old Tamara Ledet has the finest pair o' cheeks in Houston. Ledet didn't win the overall contest, though. And maybe that didn't sit well with her efforts to make an ass of herself, because she dropped out of sight.

"The number she gave for us is changed, and she didn't tell anyone about it," says publicist Samantha Slaven. "She missed the American Music Awards because we couldn't reach her."

This is the finest rear end in Houston, according to 
This is the finest rear end in Houston, according to Nelly.

Tamara, Tamara: You've got to get this diva thing down if you're going to model your rear. You don't cancel a trip to L.A. if you're upset; take it and run up the highest room-service bills possible. You could have had Nelly leer at you and even pass you on to one of his boys!

No Apple Bottoms for you, girl. -- R.C.

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