Super Bowl Special

Houston's game will beckon the big leagues of a profession far older than the NFL

Tampa's Guidara seconds her. "I don't believe we have any true victims," he says.

It's unclear how such thinking will translate in Houston. In his interview, McClelland seemed to straddle a fine line between appeasing TV reporters, who were shocked -- just shocked! -- by the idea of prostitution here, and the rather mundane reality of consensual sex in a hotel room. His first inclination seemed to be to play down the arrest possibilities: "I don't think it will be the windfall that people think, that they'll get rich in the two weeks that the Super Bowl crowd is here."

Then again, he wanted to make it clear that he wasn't taking the threat lightly. "If I was someone thinking about engaging in some type of prostitution, I might want to think twice."

Joe Rocco

It may be no more than a good sound bite for TV. It may be the first warning of a sting, San Diego-style. Only the cops know for sure; the hookers, be they from California, Cleveland or even Katy, should find out soon enough.

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