Brother, Where Art Thou?

A hot historic painting gets a cool Crawl reception

And forget all that wimpy fictional stuff you saw on the canceled show. This here is a reality program. (About angels.)

Patrick, who is by all accounts a very sincere -- not to mention excessively enthusiastic -- former sinner and born-again Christian, says the show will re-enact true stories of dying people who encountered angels as they prepared to exit this Vale of Tears.

The idea came when Patrick stayed with his dying father at a Houston hospice a year ago; he heard stories from workers about unexplainable visions and occurrences.

"I felt these stories could bring hope to people, that death is not a time to dread," he says.

They also brought relief to more than 30 Houston-area actors, who were cast in the $150,000 pilot episode shot this fall at an almost-finished new tower at Memorial City Hospital.

Publicist Rod Mitchell says a major deal for airing the show will be announced in a month or so, although details "cannot be divulged" now. Already there's enough material for 13 one-hour shows, he says.

That is one helluva lot of angels. We assume they're all Bush supporters. -- R.C.

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