Brother, Where Art Thou?

A hot historic painting gets a cool Crawl reception

And forget all that wimpy fictional stuff you saw on the canceled show. This here is a reality program. (About angels.)

Patrick, who is by all accounts a very sincere -- not to mention excessively enthusiastic -- former sinner and born-again Christian, says the show will re-enact true stories of dying people who encountered angels as they prepared to exit this Vale of Tears.

The idea came when Patrick stayed with his dying father at a Houston hospice a year ago; he heard stories from workers about unexplainable visions and occurrences.

Christ Church's purloined painting
Christ Church's purloined painting
In the Presence of Angels
In the Presence of Angels

"I felt these stories could bring hope to people, that death is not a time to dread," he says.

They also brought relief to more than 30 Houston-area actors, who were cast in the $150,000 pilot episode shot this fall at an almost-finished new tower at Memorial City Hospital.

Publicist Rod Mitchell says a major deal for airing the show will be announced in a month or so, although details "cannot be divulged" now. Already there's enough material for 13 one-hour shows, he says.

That is one helluva lot of angels. We assume they're all Bush supporters. -- R.C.

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