The Sex Life of Cynthia Hunt

Between the sheets with KPRC's ace reporter

Q. In Bat Boy you wear long, pointy ears, hang upside down, speak in a British accent and desperately want to suck blood. What kind of romantic offers are you getting these days from playgoers?

A. There's a guy who owns a farm outside Houston and he asked me to come sing to his cows. I'm not sure if he had romantic intentions, but I'll find out soon enough…One lovely grandmother approached me after the Sunday matinee and asked if the rumor about ear size relating to the size of one's -- well, other parts is true. Her husband had huge ears, for the record.

Q. Does anyone ask you to keep the ears on while you're "doing it"?

Iraqi resistance will crumble before this mighty 
Michael Stravato
Iraqi resistance will crumble before this mighty bookmobile.
Bat Boy spills it to Hair Balls.
Bat Boy spills it to Hair Balls.

A. Are you implying that they come off? How do you think I got cast in this role!?

Q. Any Leonard Nimoy groupies come after you?

A. There's a Star Trek convention in London in January, so we'll see. I'm hoping to test my diction on them -- don't want those BBC language tapes to go to waste!

Q. Are you at all into goth fashion in real life?

A. Well, black is very slenderizing, but pleather makes you itch in places you never wanted to. I'm more of a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of guy.

Q. Who's the sexiest vampire you've seen on screen?

A. Was Morticia Addams a vampire? Because she's the coolest.

-- As told to Richard Connelly

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