Crash Course

A stuntman is mightily impressed by Houston's rail crashes

Q. What do you make of the recent revelation that Strom Thurmond fathered a child with a black woman?

A. I don't have any reason to doubt her word, with or without a DNA test…A lot of the old paleo-conservative politicians were just that: politicians. At one time they may have been sincere, but with the political system they end up being bought and sold…I'm not surprised to find out he was a race-mixer any more than to find that liberal politicians who publicly are strongly in favor of gun control have armed bodyguards and even carry guns themselves.

Q. What do you think of the season Donovan McNabb's had so far with the Eagles?

A. I'm not really a follower of sports. Is McNabb the black quarterback and Rush Limbaugh and all that?…As far as from a racial issue, there are white men who will watch Monday Night Football with their preteen daughter on their lap [Hair Balls note: What the fuck?] and cheer for African-American football players, and then they're surprised when she goes out in five years and dates African-Americans.

Q. We assume you've got Eminem in heavy rotation now that a bootleg has surfaced of a racist rap he once did, right?

A. In general on him, as you might expect, that's not the kind of music I might listen to all the time.

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