Houston's sweet-and-sour inaugural

Position 5 Councilman Michael Berry indicated that he's inclined to accept his council salary this time around after turning it down for the previous two years to show his disdain for professional politicians. Maybe family breadwinner and attorney Nandy Berry can now take that long, long vacation she richly deserves.

After the meeting, District I Councilwoman Carol Alvarado led her admirers to a reception at the Downtown Aquarium, which looked like a bad imitation of a Gilligan's Island set. Everybody there made a bigger to-do over her new appointment as mayor pro tem than The Insider can remember being accorded to any previous holder of that mostly ceremonial position. After all the sanitized proclamations by White, Alvarado introduced a refreshingly partisan note by praising her former boss, Democratic Congressman Gene Green, and urging support for him if he has to run in a redrawn congressional district.

In the crowd, Justice of the Peace Al Green hit up folks for evaluations of his chances against Congressman Chris Bell in the Democratic primary.

The mayor may be new, but Hall (a.k.a. Rasputin) still 
hovers in the background.
Tim Fleck
The mayor may be new, but Hall (a.k.a. Rasputin) still hovers in the background.

With the comforting aroma of political ambition and skullduggery on the rise, The Insider finally began to relax.

Once again everything was just right with the world.

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