Training Day

Light rail's first day brings one high after another

On second thought, it was a surprise. After all, four Globetrotters -- including Curley "Boo" Johnson -- were at the mansion of former NBA star Jayson Williams in February 2002 when Williams allegedly shot his chauffeur. According to a legal brief filed by prosecutors (available on, the Trotters were upstairs with Williams when the incident occurred.

Williams "told the Globetrotters and other guests that they must all agree that the shooting must have been a suicide by the victim," the brief says. "He wanted all of them to lie to the police and tell the police that they had all been downstairs when the shooting had occurred."

Which they all did, the brief says, until cops noticed one non-Globetrotter acting nervous. That witness eventually said Williams had fired the shot (by accident, Williams now claims). "With this new information, all of the witnesses were re-interviewed. Some began to admit that they had lied about their location when the shooting had occurred," the brief says. (No charges have been filed against any Globetrotters.)

Finally, Houston is equal to Paris and London, thanks 
to light rail.
Finally, Houston is equal to Paris and London, thanks to light rail.
Rod Paige and the Globetrotters -- honestly!
Rod Paige and the Globetrotters -- honestly!

Let's see: Cooperation; Honesty -- maybe not. Enthusiasm, sure -- it wasn't the Globetrotters acting nervous. An A for Effort, definitely, and full marks for Respecting their pal Jayson. And hey, "Responsibility" doesn't fit in the acronym anyway.

Knowing Paige, he probably thinks it's the media's fault that the guy's dead.

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