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Wednesday, January 28

Doing your job every day lends you a certain expertise. If at this point you could give a lecture on widgets or keeping a lid on your rage when you answer the phone, just think of what the guys and gals in the sex industry can tell you about copulation and the people who pay for it. A group of strippers, prostitutes, phone sex operators, Internet models and so forth is bringing "whore culture" to Houston in today's "Sex Workers Art Show." The show itself will feature music, spoken word, burlesque (that's a strip tease, hence the 18-and-up restriction on attendance) and poetry, all on the subject of what it's like to be a sex worker -- that is, to have arousal as your area of expertise. Not a bad perk. 9 p.m. The Axiom, 2524 McKinney, 713-527-9529, $8.

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