The Original Shame Sentence?

Rattling the bones in Ted Poe's closet

According to one political source, Poe over the years has weighed running for governor, Congress and district attorney. "One of his close friends said, 'You better not because this stuff will come out if you begin to run for any high office.' "

Now that he has embarked on that road, it's likely the issues he left behind at Kingwood Church of Christ will become campaign ammunition.

"Maybe he thinks Clinton got away with it, and there are still people who like him, so 'It will work for me, too,' " says a church member, who indicates the matter will not fade away anytime soon.

Poe has gained attention for his novel sentences.
Michael Hogue
Poe has gained attention for his novel sentences.

"People will say anything at this time during this campaign," retorts Poe. "I'm not getting engaged in any kind of personal thing." He notes that every time elections come around, supporters urge him to run for higher office, even for mayor of Houston.

"I've always enjoyed being a judge, and now I'm ready to move on to another career," says the candidate, who points to his sterling record as a prosecutor and six terms as a district judge.

As for the probability that his personal life will be a focus of campaign opponents between now and the primary, Poe is dismissive.

"People are gonna say what they want to. Nobody knows my motives about anything except me."

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