Eat, Drink, Watch Movie

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema caters to hungry film buffs

My dining companion was happy with her chicken pesto sandwich. It's a juicy grilled chicken breast served on the same crusty roll as the burgers and dressed with tomatoes, olives, provolone and a well-made basil pesto. I took a couple of bites and was very impressed.

I had a pleasant glass of Chianti with my pizza. (Sorry, Silence of the Lambs fans, no fava beans.) My date had a glass of the Francis Ford Coppola Claret. As you might expect, the wine list features a lot of Coppola's products. It's an impressive list (for a movie theater), with 18 wines, 12 available by the glass. For special occasions, there's Veuve Clicquot Orange Label.

I can't quite conceive of an occasion that would make me want to drink good Champagne at the movies. But it's nice to know it's there. As for the food, the chicken pesto sandwich and the Alamo burger are the two best things I've tried on the menu. But looking around the theater, I'd say that snacks like popcorn, chips and salsa, buffalo wings and baskets of fries are the most popular items. And if you get your order in before the show starts, you'll barely notice the waiters.

During the opening credits, Joey Berner delivers a 
chicken pesto sandwich to David Atkinson.
Troy Fields
During the opening credits, Joey Berner delivers a chicken pesto sandwich to David Atkinson.

Location Info


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema-West Oaks

1000 W. Oaks Mall
Houston, TX 77082

Category: Movie Theaters

Region: Outer Loop - SW


Alamo burger: $7.25
Spicy bleu burger: $7.25
Chicken pesto sandwich: $7
"Godfather" pizza: $7.25
"Chocolat" cake: $3.95
1000 West Oaks Mall (Westheimer at Highway 6), 281-556-0204. Open daily; check

You can cut down on the distraction problem even more if you don't mind sitting closer to the screen. Up there, you barely notice the people moving around. By the same token, if you want to eat dinner and be polite, sit in the back of the theater where your waiter won't bother anyone. That's where you'll find me, eating a three-course meal and watching Chopper Chicks in Zombietown. See showtimes.

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