It's not crowded and costs a hell of a lot less, and it's down the street from the airport. You ought to try it sometime.

Kriss Brink

DeLay-Induced Apathy

Rigging the vote: The article on Billy Roper's racist "literature drops" was fairly predictable ["White Christmas," Hair Balls, January 1], and I do appreciate your editing out the "dull, complex, idiotic pseudoanalysis."

I have to admit it's the first time I've seen an inserted editorial comment ("What the fuck?") One of Mr. Roper's comments did catch my attention: "I will not vote, because I believe the current political system is corrupt."

I recall humor writer Dave Barry, somewhat more mainstream than Mr. Roper, saying virtually the same thing in a Playboy interview years ago. I have to admit that with the Press's "Turkey of the Year" ["Turkeys of the Year," by Richard Connelly, November 27], Tom DeLay having rigged the game in Texas via "redistricting" (a euphemism for gerrymandering), this independent voter wonders if walking the block to my polling place is worthwhile.

Steve Kennedy
Deer Park

Shock 'n' Roll

Kick Iraqi butts: I just have to thank the writer of "Messing with Texas" [Jason Bracelin, January 15]. I guess it's compulsory that an alternative news rag would have articles about how evil our government is, and I guess it's compulsory for you to bash the Republicans. But thanks for not overhyping it.

Yeah, the protest songs pretty much suck, have nothing profound to express and are generally just cheesy. Thanks for not alienating those of us who don't arbitrarily pick one side or the other.

I am a liberal, but I know as well as any thinking, caring human being that we, the United States and our president are righteous in this war. Dubya's destiny is to rid the world of those regimes that would terrorize or threaten us, no matter what the UN thinks, no matter how much bashing he gets from the Dems, no matter what the cost.

This war is a do-or-die situation; we have to fight. If the U.S. is not respected, even a little bit feared, the U.S. will be used, abused, beaten down and berated.

It boils down to the fact that we have to go across the world and stomp some fuckers every decade or so, or else those little freak despots and shit-slinging, wannabe-bully countries would get a bit too uppity.

There should be more songs written in celebration of the mighty U.S.A. We ain't perfect, but Lord knows we try, and we're damn close.

Lucy Marie Carlos

Crucifying Tupac

The Almighty and music: By all accounts, Tupac was not God-Almighty, Jesus is ["The Gospel According to Pac," by Charles Gray, January 1]. By all accounts, Tupac was not the Christ, Jesus is. Jesus was aware of His mission, far from the image you have of Jesus walking around with his head in the clouds like some stoned-out hippie, unaware of his people, and Jesus did not fail in this mission.

Tupac's message was for earthly pleasures, which are not everlasting. I don't believe Tupac's messages were about love and forgiveness. An article on the artist Tupac was not the venue to vent your own anti-Christ, anti- religion views.

Marion Arthur Kirby

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