The Doctor Is Insane

Are they any Howard Dean remixes on the Web? Yeeeaaarrrgggghh! And some Texans are leading the charge

Reached on his cell phone while talking to his college adviser, native Houstonian Stokes is floored to learn that he's the unofficial No. 1 on the Howard Dean Remix charts. "Oh, wow!" he says. "That's incredible, because we just made that song yesterday afternoon, just for fun."

Like Freeman, Stokes is a Dean man. "I definitely want to see him get back up there," he says, but one wonders if he wants him to get back on the hustings just to provide more humorous hip-hop fodder. Is he concerned that the song's pro-Dean message is somewhat hard to distinguish? "No, I'm not concerned about people taking it the wrong way 'cause I wasn't concerned when I made it."

Concern is one thing Ozdemir claims to have too much of right now. He had no idea how far his site would go. Dean even mentioned it from the stump in New Hampshire, a historic moment captured by C-SPAN's omniscient eye. "Some girl asked him, 'How are you gonna get over the scream speech?' and he then he goes, 'Well, lemme tell you something about that. Actually there's a techno remix on, and y'all should seriously go there,'" he says. "I thought it was really funny that he would say Dean goes nuts. And it got a huge reaction from the crowd."

Still, history or no, Ozdemir sounds like he's getting pretty tired of the whole business. "I didn't really want any of this," he says. "Any. I didn't even want to maintain a Web site. 'Cause I have so much other stuff to do. I'm in school, I'm 21. And I like to party -- I don't really like to sit on the computer all day and mess with that damn thing."

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