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The Austin rejects of Young Heart Attack rule Houston and the UK

The Motörhead gigs led to the band recording two tracks with Motörhead front man Lemmy Kilmister in Austin on January 30. "We invited Lemmy to our place in Austin to sing on a B-side for our next single, and he was into it. Then he decided it would be good to do a track for the solo record he is doing with various bands backing him. So he wrote this great tune in just like a half-hour, and the next day he brought in the lyrics and chords, we arranged it, rehearsed it a couple of times and laid it down to tape. Then he and Jen put vocals on and that was it. It happened really fast and turned out killer," says Hall. "That dude is awesome to work with. His attitude was really devil-may-care, like let's just get in there and put some ideas together. And it just came together very naturally."

Still, Hall says that he regards this less as a crowning achievement -- as all too many bands would -- and more of a stepping stone. "It's really cool and exciting that we now make a living from music, get to travel around, hang out with rock stars and stuff," he says. "But what it all comes down to for real is we just want to gear up and play our tunes, meet the fans, travel and have a kick-ass time doing it. And we want it all right now. The label, the agents, the business stuff is all necessary, but it's really an afterthought inside the band, as far as the day-to-day goes. On one hand it's just a rock band, but on the other hand we look to the future. We're very competitive and aggressive. We believe we'll go to a multi-album level and that the band will last. And we want to dominate. Over other bands, over every town.

"Some say cocky, we say confident. We take the peerless and fearless approach. We want to rule," he says. "That's all on the stage, of course."

And on the Eighth Day, Young Heart Attack said: "Let there be rawk." And it was good.
And on the Eighth Day, Young Heart Attack said: "Let there be rawk." And it was good.


Friday, February 13. The John Sparrow is also on the bill. For information, call 713-521-0521.
Rudyard's, 2010 Waugh Drive

Then Smith waxes a bit more philosophical. "Some bands take a thing as far as they can, and it just runs out of steam. But at this moment in time, I can't imagine wanting to be in any other band. It sounds like a cliché, but I think every one of us was born to rock. It's like an animal instinct, and you only know you have it if you are one of those animals."

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