Ronald Reagan's Army

In your heart, you know the Yuppie Prick$ are right

The band also has its first sponsorship deal lined up. "Hoven sunglasses got in contact with us today," Middleton says. "They're in the $50 to $70 range, so maybe one out of every ten of our fans could get them, as opposed to the zero out of ten that could afford the glasses we usually wear. Maybe we'll give away a pair every now and then to a lucky fan. Wouldn't that be a treat?"

This show marks their Houston debut, at least musically. Golf's another matter. "We've played TPC plenty of times, but never music," Middleton says. And though it seems the Bayou City would be a better hometown than hippy-dippy Austin for a band of Yuppie Prick$, don't expect them to make a habit of playing here, much less relocate. "All that pollution is damaging to the skin," Middleton says. "I prefer Austin."

That may be the only true thing he says in this article.

The Yuppie Prick$ appear Saturday, February 21, at the Axiom, 2524 McKinney, 713-522-8443. Sons of Hercules and Gun Crazy are also on the bill.

Scuttlebutt Caboose

Promoter Clement Aldridge is starting what he hopes will be a monthly industry showcase at the Engine Room. Called the Candu Showcase, the February 20 initial edition features Hollywood High, the Handsomes, White Noise Transistor and Drexl. White Noise Transistor is a young rock band produced by Derek Dunivan of Pure Rubbish fame…The Blue Monday jam is back on the corner of Dowling and Alabama, where the former Miss Ann's Playpen has been renamed Goodfellows, and Lady D and the Blue Flames have replaced Bobby Lewis as the host. Lady D's band includes Little Stanley on bass and vocals, former Albert Collins keyboardist Bobby Alexis, drummer Wayne Johnson and guitarist Sam Pemberton. As with Miss Ann's, the Goodfellows jam is drawing in the big names -- I.J. Gosey, Little Joe Washington, Andy "Too Hard" Williams, Robert Mason, D.D. Brett, Rick Lee and Juan Abair, among others, have all already dropped in over the jam's three-week run, and Pemberton says that "any musicians young or old, white or black or other, are very welcome." The jam runs from eight to midnight…Vintage country-western swingsters Sean Reefer and the Resin Valley Boys will release their, ahem, smokin' debut CD, Texas Hill Country, next month. Catch 'em live amid the Mardi Gras madness at Java's in Galveston February 21…The Continental Club Cosa Nostra has a new club two doors down from their showcase. Shoeshine Charlie's Big Top Lounge is a much quieter alternative to the raucous bar nearby, and time flies past amid the retro furnishings, Falstaff and Pabst beer signs, cheesy paintings and 70-year-old circus-themed murals that line some of the walls in what was once, long ago, a toy store. So far, it's mostly just a hang, but the Dazzling Pete Gray will soon be tickling the ivories and leading the same sort of sing-alongs he's been conducting over at Leon's Lounge on McGowen, and other acts will play acoustic sets…Billy Joe Shaver has been announced as the opening act for Kid Rock. Shaver and Kid have been writing together, and the twosome recently had dinner in Nashville with Kid's ex-DJ and Motor City homie Uncle Kracker.

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