I am so disappointed with what there is to choose from in radio stations here. It is definitely a wasteland. I am one of those people who have resorted to listening to CDs all the time. And my husband (who has a goatee, by the way) now listens to talk radio. And what's sad is that I really have to dig deep to find something new and creative to listen to.

I like the Darkness, and I like the softer stuff like Travis, Radiohead and R.E.M. I know I can always buy one of their CDs when they come out with a new album. They are the old reliables to me. But as far as anything new, it is hard for me to find it out there because we have a shithole radio station that plays stuff like "How You Remind Me" by Nickleback every damn time I'm in the car. I have a fit of frustration whenever that comes on. The lead singer of that band is a tool with a goatee.

The article was great. It summed up all of my feelings on the matter.

Sarah Philyaw-Arnett

Net proceeds: I really enjoyed your article regarding the rock station formats. I run a show tunes station (Maximum Broadway Radio) on Live365, and I just posted a link to your article in the Live365 broadcaster forum.

Hopefully someone who is programming a format like you proposed will contact you. At least we can get quality radio on the Net.

Zack Bigner

In tune: I have followed your articles for some time. Your column about a new radio genre caught me by surprise! I have an Internet radio station (www.rocklandusa.com) that plays as close to what you propose as any other station out there.

I do have everything from Jet to Zep to Def Leppard to Iggy to Alice in Chains…you get the idea. I like your title, though, and wish I had come up with that. I called my genre Pop Rock Radio because, like you, I see that people do like the broad spectrum of rock from the '70s through the alternative of today.

Bless you for being the first person I have seen come out in support of a genre that I closely resemble!

Funny how a little old firefighter/ paramedic can figure this stuff out (as you did) and Clear Channel, Infinity and others just go along with the same old playlists.

FYI: According to Live365.com (my radio station host), my biggest listener base is in Texas even though I am based in Maryland just outside of Washington/Baltimore.

Thanks again. Keep up the good work!

Craig "Backdraft" Luecke
New Market, Maryland

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