Unfair and Unbalanced

Ludacris rankles the white pride of the National Alliance and Bill O'Reilly

And just a month or so ago, he raised another stink when Lil' Kim got to endorse Old Navy. O'Reilly called her "a street person who traffics in obscenity." Well, O'Reilly claims to be from the wrong side of the tracks, and as for obscenity, he need look no further than his own novel Those Who Trespass, which amid scenes of violence that would do the Geto Boys proud also finds time for some bad Penthouse Forum-style eroti-drivel: "Then he slipped her panties down her legs and, within seconds, his tongue was inside her, moving rapidly."

We can only guess why O'Reilly would give himself a pass, praise Cooper and pan Ludacris, Lil' Kim and Snoop. Maybe O'Reilly sees necrophilia as a victimless crime. Maybe he would have brought the hammer down on Cooper had he called Ethyl a ho. Or maybe, just maybe, it's because Cooper's a rocker and Snoop, Luda and Lil' Kim are rappers. And O'Reilly has said time and time again that all rap is bad rap -- including stuff by white artists. Eminem and Insane Clown Posse are two more of his favorite targets. To O'Reilly, there's no difference between Scarface and the Roots, Eminem and the Black Eyed Peas, the Ying Yang Twins and Public Enemy. They're all rappers and they're all out to corrupt your kids and it's as simple as that.

And in that area he's more than a little like the white separatist group the National Alliance, which vehemently opposed Ludacris's appearance last month in Casper, Wyoming. That organization leafleted Casper with handbills denouncing the show as well as the December 2003 appearance of Mystikal. (Mystikal was sentenced a month after that show to a six-year prison term for committing sexual battery on his hairstylist. Since Exhibit A for the prosecution was a videotape Mystikal made of the sordid event, it could be said that he is definitely quicker behind the mike than away from it.) "Over a month ago," the leaflet stated, "the city welcomed the rapist rapper Mystikal. Now the city is throwing out the red carpet to welcome yet another black rapper. Why are we allowing this violent diversity to be forced into our city? As the city of Casper continues to slavishly and insanely promote 'diversity,' it is important for us to keep in mind exactly who and what is being promoted."

Would you ruin a high-dollar endorsement deal for this man?
Would you ruin a high-dollar endorsement deal for this man?


Sunday, March 14; for information, call 713-988-1020
H-Town Arena Theatre, 7324 Southwest Freeway

The National Alliance says all rap promotes a "criminal culture." O'Reilly says that "this rap stuff is a negative thing." So does that make Bill O'Reilly a closet white separatist? Dunno. I just give you the facts. You decide.

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