No World Series this year, an Astro-loger says

School officials say Lau's site wasn't accessible to Google searchers, although anyone who had the URL could have reached it. An "information-education campaign" has been launched to prevent future mishaps.

Lau should hope he's graded on the curve.

I Voted for Who?!

If you're thinking of running for county commissioner, you probably don't want to admit publicly that you voted for a presidential candidate who claims George Bush is working with "the zioni$t$ and communi$t$…in the hope of making the USA & the world their communi$t fiefdom." (Unless you're running in one of those deep Piney Woods counties in East Texas.)

But that's what retired firefighter Randy Crow of Austin did. He voted in the Democratic primary last month and, knowing the presidential fight was over, pulled the lever for a guy named…Randy Crow.

That Crow turns out to be a native Houstonian and graduate of Sam Houston State who now lives in North Carolina. He has a Web site outlining his views, which also include the theory that the 9/11 jetliners were flown by remote control and contained atomic bombs.

Future candidate Crow wants to firmly disassociate himself from those views, which he discovered after voting. "I know, being a firefighter, that ain't right," he says. "Those planes would be enough to knock the towers down." (Oh, he also doesn't agree with the whole "zioni$t" thing: "He would go on and on about…the Jewish people being in charge of everything in our country. I know they are big in leadership, but we have plenty of Christians up there, too.")

Presidential hopeful Crow, who refused an interview request, got more than 6,000 votes statewide. Which doesn't sound like much, but then Dick Gephardt got only 12,000.

"I think some of those votes in Texas were for me," firefighter Crow says.

We can only hope so.

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