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"Weegee the Famous"Weegee the Famous was supposedly nicknamed after the Ouija board for his seemingly supernatural ability to be among the first to arrive at crime scenes. In New York from the '20s through the '40s, Weegee (an Austrian immigrant named Arthur Fellig) made tabloid-style black-and-white photojournalistic images. Because he had an amazing ability to hone in on an event or an urban scene and find a powerful image, his photos are incredible works of art. In one, the police lead away a short, dark-haired woman with heavy eyebrows; she turns to face the camera in a desperate appeal. In another, a lovely teenage girl cries -- for Frank Sinatra. Immigrant children sleep in a pile on a fire escape in the summer heat. A murder victim lies bleeding on the street in his suit and topcoat. Weegee captured the human panorama with an unerring eye. Through April 17 at John Cleary Gallery, 2635 Colquitt, 713-524-5070.

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