Dweebs Shall Inherit the Earth

Seattle's Death Cab for Cutie is four geeks with chic

The critical and commercial scales are deservedly tipping toward cool, but remnants of Death Cab's status as underground geek heroes remain. In fact, Harmer plays down the strengths of their live show with the apologetic tone of an insecure adolescent, imploring those attending their gig to tolerate the band's "lack of professionalism."

"It's like stressing out about going to your first high school prom, and you get really excited 'cause you have to dress up and everything has to be perfect -- and then you break out in acne," he says. "It's the same thing for us live. We get really excited and really nervous about how it's all gonna go, we think we got it all tight, we got the perfect matching cummerbunds, and then we break out.

Quoth The O.C. 's Seth Cohen: "Don't dis the 
Death Cab."
Quoth The O.C. 's Seth Cohen: "Don't dis the Death Cab."

"Sometimes we get bummed about it, and we're like, 'Man, we should be much slicker and tighter and crazy,' but it just never works out for us, no matter how we try. So we just decided, 'You know what? Okay, we'll play wherever these big places are, and it'll just still be us in our little rag-tag group, and [people] will have a good time and, hopefully, be patient.' "

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