Leashing Out

Mr. K's kind: It makes me very sad that your awful article about Mr. K's seemed to be an attack on the women who are literally giving up a normal life in their efforts to save lives ["A Dog's Life," by Margaret Downing, April 8]. You make a lot of insinuations about funds but fail to offer proof of any wrongdoing.

And not one word about the disgusting people who overbreed, mistreat, dump, won't spay or neuter and so forth. Yes, the management talent is lacking, and maybe Leslie Van Biljon is not all sweet and charming, and I agree that they don't need to be taking in horses. I can say that Jackie and Wilma are doing all they can with very little.

Did you even consider that you could have told your story in a constructive rather than destructive manner? Maybe suggest that donations could be made directly to Dr. Wood for Mr. K's account, donations of food and litter and other badly needed supplies.

I donate to Mr. K's, have for several years and will continue to do so, unless you manage to get them shut down.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if your attack had the reverse response and the animal lovers in this city rallied to their defense, and gosh, maybe helped you find another job!

Dusty West

No good news: I have been out there to Mr. K's and have seen the dogs fed, watered, bathed and their cages cleaned every day. There is not one dog or cat that is not well taken care of and/or given everything they need. The dog you spoke of, George, is my favorite. He is mean to other dogs only because of the people who had him before he was brought to Mr. K's, not because of anyone taking care of him now.

I didn't like what you wrote, and you hurt a lot of people's feelings. And yes, I understand that is part of your job, but it must really suck being you.

If you care for the dogs so much, did you donate any time or money? You didn't give them any kind of credit or nice praise. Why is that?

Charlene Reynolds

Balanced story: Thank you for writing this article. I have heard about this place for years. All bad news. I think you were fair and reasonable in the article.

Sandy White
Houston Great Pyrenees Rescue


Gimme shelter: I find it infuriating to read Ms. Downing's criticisms of Mr. K's and the wonderful people who try to keep a no-kill shelter running. If you are going to point out only the problems at Mr. K's, why not offer some solutions? Why not educate the public on spay/neuter clinics and their responsibilities to these wonderful companions?

I recently adopted a small dog named Lilly from Mr. K's. She was left there pregnant and heartworm-positive (by her owners), so if she had been left at any other facility, she would have been immediately put down -- dead! So, according to Ms. Downing, she would have been better off dead than in the cage where I found her.

Next time, Ms. Downing, concentrate on who is really to blame here: the stupid human owners who dump and torture these sweet animals, not the people trying to protect them!

Rhonda Blodgett

Clean bill: If Mr. K's is such a horrible place, why doesn't the county shut it down? You see weekly reports of animal abuse and neglect; I have never heard of Mr. K's in association with those behaviors.

Kate Piper

Pulp Pit?

Ask Clara's friends: Sweet story ["Lindsey's Loss," by Steven Long, April 8]. Steven Long should have asked Clara Harris's friends for an interview and gotten the truth. Instead he has created a work of fiction.

A good read nevertheless; plus he can make money on a family's devastating tragedy.

Paula Elsner

Derf and Dumb

Bush's body count: Criticism of our commander in chief's policies through civilized debate, symbolic speech, even civil disobedience is welcomed and protected in this country by the First Amendment. However, The City comic strip by Derf on April 8 only showed disrespect for the millions of military families whose loved ones have chosen to serve, and even more to those who have received that fateful knock at the door by an officer notifying the next of kin.

Using this as the basis to allege Bush is a coward is a slap in the face, not only to the officer who has to deliver this unfathomable news but to every person who ever paid the ultimate price while serving their country.

The comic strip was disrespectful to the very people Derf should thank the most, the people who have allowed him to live free because they served.

James Beebe

Too close to home: I am angry over the cartoon that shows our president delivering a slain serviceman to the doorstep of his/her parents. Regardless of one's view of the war, it is appalling to make fun of the deaths of our fellow citizens sworn to protect us. What about the families of slain soldiers reading such trash in your paper? Do you have no concern for their feelings, their loss? Are there any adults at the Press?

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