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A real shake-up at HPD? We thought that was impossible

And County Commissioner Steve Radack has been garnering kudos for the park he's opened on the far west side, which includes doggy showers. "He's been getting letters from people writing as their dogs, saying, 'I love the new park!' and signing it with their paw prints," a Radack staffer says.

Awww. But all is not sweetness, cuteness and puppy love. South Montrose may be getting its dog park, but in North Montrose things are turning ugly.

Ann Otto has been leading the fight to turn the long-standing "informal" dog park at Buffalo Bayou and Montrose Boulevard into an officially sanctioned facility.

Click here to view the pdf.
Click here to view the pdf.

To which the city has said Tough Shit. Or, to be more precise, Too Much Shit.

Buffalo Bayou already exceeds state standards for fecal bacteria, says Luci Correa of Parks & Recreation, and she assumes that's because of dog poop swept by rain into the bayou. (One certainly hopes she's right, in terms of it being dog poop as opposed to some other kind.)

Recently cops have begun cracking down on dog owners at the site, enforcing the city's new leash and pooper-scooper laws.

Otto and 200 other petitioners are asking the city to create Buffalo Bayou Dog Park. They say they are conscientious about cleaning up after their animals, but the dogs need to be able to run free, unleashed; like the wind, or the climax to many a Disney movie.

Correa ain't buying it, at least the part about all the crap being picked up: "One hundred percent compliance is completely unrealistic," she says. "Some people don't believe it is necessary, believe it or not."

The city says a park might be okay when Buffalo Bayou gets clean and back within state limits. So expect action relatively soon. In dog years.

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