Anarchic Images

Santiago Cucullu has been to the Biennial and back

Part of the dilemma can be attributed to visual and cultural references that are lost on people who don't share his specific background. But he's also doing the secret-personal-references-meet-arcane-historical-figures shtick. You can't know a lot of this stuff unless the artist himself happens to tell you. Even then you don't get why it's all together -- or you don't want to work hard enough to make it fit.

You don't notice the conceptual tangles as much when the visuals are really strong. But the work lacks that illogical but intuitive impact of the surreal. What would happen if it were more nonsensical, so jam-packed with obscure references you didn't even attempt to decode it? But I don't think that's what Cucullu is after; he's produced other works that have been more readable. Cucullu is at the beginning of his career and his work has hit pretty hard and fast. I think he's still sorting things out, but on the other hand, maybe he's just being anarchic.

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