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Words unite three very different artists at Mixture

The largest painting in the series is the final one, I Was Waiting for You. We see the pregnant, naked heroine in a yellow wood of graves and mushrooms. She's in the company of some Disneyesque human trees. There's a glimpse of a lighted city through a gap in the hills. The writer explains, "That's how I discovered the valley deeper than anybody said."

Although these paintings are presented as illustrations of a simple fable, each stands on its own, both as story and as visual object. Not all the connections between the paintings and the text are obvious. There's room for viewers to find their own meanings in the tale. And as a result, there's more magic in Deen's work than in any "witch perfume" a fairy-tale character might concoct.

Phipps's drawings comment on easy cultural targets.
Mixture Contemporary Art
Phipps's drawings comment on easy cultural targets.

Mixture has arranged a coherent exhibit by three artists with such disparate styles. They all present images wrapped up with elements of language, story and humor that extend the possibilities of purely visual art. Moving from the obvious jokes in Phipps's work to the multilevel puns and teasing puzzles in Teplin's drawings to the deep psychic explorations of Deen's paintings makes for a rich afternoon at the gallery.

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