Also, WTF was that horrid creature on the cover? I'm sure all the gays and lesbians out there who crave mainstream acceptance just loved the Press digging up drag queens and leather freaks to show the rest of the world how gay people live. Congratulations, Press, gay people everywhere will be thanking you when they get put at the end of the adoption list again.

Also, Richard Connelly rocks, and I love your food reviews.

Don Mynack

9/11 bravo: Thank you for a well-written review of Fahrenheit 9/11. I suppose Michael Moore will find another cause. I can recall The Awful Truth and TV Nation. There is plenty to ridicule. Just because he has not thrown dollars on the NY Stock Exchange floor does not mean he won't elicit change. I think Abbie would have been proud.

David Whitten

Annie Up for This Menu

Food stuff: Haute cuisine is legendary for its miserly portions ["Food of the God," by Brian McManus, June 24]. Does it really take a quail entrée at $14 and a lamb chop entrée at $44 to make a decent meal at Cafe Annie?

Jay Bute
El Lago

Snubbing KUHF

Good sounds: John Lomax's radio needs to be replaced if the dial can't go any lower than 90.1 [Racket, June 24]. I agree with his column about Houston radio's best offerings being "scattered hither and yon across the dial," but he missed a couple of gems. Listener-supported KUHF (88.7 FM) offers Celtic music with Thistle & Shamrock and inspiring New Age music on Hearts of Space. Both programs air on Saturday night as part of their excellent programming.

Len Wehrung

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