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A rundown of every act on this year's bill

Boaka Bar
1010 Prairie, 713-225-6372

5 pm Ceeplus
6 pm Wes Wallace
7 pm Henry Chow
8 pm Sean Carnahan
9 pm DJ Sun

Best Lounge DJ
About ten years

Chingo Bling
Chingo Bling
Mark Towns
Mark Towns

Man about town Ceeplus has his irons in a lot of fires. There's the touring shows he promotes, there's Reprogram Radio, his Monday-afternoon KPFT show, and there's Dynamite Lounge, his Monday-night residency at the Proletariat, where he spins "cool rock-n-roll, dance punk/electro funk, indie pop/rock, trashy beats & grooves, retro/nü/no wave, misc. electronica and dirty hip-hop & cheese pop."

Wes Wallace
Best Dance Club DJ
More than ten years

If you loved the '80s, you'll love Wes Wallace, a DJ who reveres, relives, reshapes and remixes the Greed Is Good Decade every week at Numbers. But we ain't talkin' that overexposed Fixx and Don Henley crap you hear on the Point -- we're talkin' stuff like the Normal, Clash tunes other than "Should I Stay or Should I Go" and "Rock the Casbah," Ultravox and Revolting Cocks. He can almost make you believe the unbelievable: that the Reagan years were livable ones. Maybe that's why his Friday-night "Classic Numbers" sets have long been the best-attended '80s night in town.

Henry Chow
Best Lounge DJ
Six years

Despite his residencies here -- "Metronome," Tuesday nights at Licor Lounge is the latest -- techno/tech house spinner Chow finds his biggest successes abroad. He just returned from a tour of Germany, where he played before 25,000 people in Bremen. Chow also spun at South By Southwest this year, but he digs playing "wherever people are really up for the music." Recorded "collaborations with Zenit artist Tomie Nevada" are also in the works.

Sean Carnahan
Best Dance Club DJ
More than ten years

"House music can save your soul," says DJ Sean Carnahan, which should give the more astute of you a hint about what he spins. He's also a bit of a conspiracy theorist: "There is and has only ever been one Œtechno' track," he avers. "It has been mixed continuously round the clock by a team of nine committed DJs for the last 12 years. Anytime you hear a supposed Œlive' techno mix, the DJ is in fact tapping into the live stream that is being transmitted from a secret location in Detroit. This explains why all Œtechno' tracks sound the same to you who don't know shit about it." Carnahan -- whom you might not expect to be the rabid Stevie Ray Vaughan fan that he is -- has been the mastermind behind the Spundae shows the past few months, and he has still bigger plans in the works: "I just opened a club at 2401 San Jacinto (formerly known as Rich's), which I plan with my partner Neil to develop into something that is very noteworthy."

DJ Sun
Best Lounge DJ
Ten years

This multiple-award-winner thinks the "lounge DJ" label a bit of a misnomer. "I like to move the crowd as well," he notes. Jackie Mattoo, ATCQ, Massive Attack and Bob Marley are among the favorite artists of this Suriname-born decknician, who wants you to know that the South American nation of his birth "produces the most world-class soccer players per capita" of any country in the world. Sun, who takes his DJ name from his Chinese grandfather, has two recent mix CDs of note (Soular Grooves 4, Nine Before Ten) and is at work on an original production, an untitled collaboration with Mark Sound, Nappy G, Jai Jordan and Tim Ruiz. Sun says that music is "the most enjoyable" career he could imagine, though he finds the Houston scene "a bit small for the size of the metro area we are."

314 Main, 713-237-8220

5 pm David Brake & That Damn Band
6 pm Drop Trio
7 pm The Lonestar Bluegrass Band
8 pm goneblind
9 pm Norma Zenteno


David Brake & That Damn Band
Best New Act
Almost a year

"I have always believed that country, rock and roll, and blues are just a beat apart." So said Waylon Jennings, as quoted by David Brake, another guy who also subscribes to that credo. Brake spends most weeknights performing requests, but on weekends he unleashes his own material; "once people warm up to you, they really seem to enjoy original music," he says. He only wishes more club owners would do the same. "Some of the more established clubs in town really need talent scouts," he says. Still, other scouts have found Brake -- his 2003 release Lean Mean Texas Machine "made the top 13 independent releases for 2003 in Texas Monthly."

Drop Trio
Best Funk/R&B/Soul, Best Keyboardist (Ian Varley), Best Jazz, Album of the Year (Big Dipper)
One and a half years

The instrumental jazz funksters in Drop Trio have it all planned out should their promising music career go suddenly south: "We play a mean game of blackjack." The band hates it that "hype isn't always backed up with hard work" in this town, but they love how the local musicians "are really supportive of each other." For example, "If not for musicians, most of our gigs would be pretty empty. Well, okay, they're often empty anyway, but...we can still feel the love." One song off Album of the Year nominee Big Dipper was recently included on the Johnson Family Vacation soundtrack, with vocals by Beyoncé's little sis Solange Knowles, and a hip-hop version of another will soon be released by rapper LRJ.

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