Wayne Donowho

Sweet Heart

The Great Carrabba: I got quite a giggle from your story about Chris Carrabba ["Screaming Fidelities," by Annie Zaleski, June 10]. I, too, am a massive fan, and I truly enjoyed your take on things. It was refreshing and sweet.

I also understand the sentiment behind it. Not only is he rather hunkish, but you cannot resist the sweet heart that he has. I am quite envious that you had an opportunity to speak with him, but I am so pleased that you did him justice. Lucky girl!

Courtney Keith

Spoils of War

Screen screed: I have read with delight and admiration most of Gregory Weinkauf's work and have found it insightful and evidencing an expansive knowledge of film, aesthetics and history. But it's clear from the adulatory, unquestioning tone of this Fahrenheit 9/11 review ["George of the Bungle," June 24], coupled with his inability to admit even the most glaring instances of Moore's faulty logic -- not to mention his heedless acquiescence to every adolescent conspiracy philippic -- that this review was not the work of an objective professional like Mr. Weinkauf but of someone else who, judging from the juvenile tone of the piece, with its almost audible giggling idiocy and inchoate logic, I assume to be probably one of Mr. Weinkauf's children -- certainly the piece sounds like the snickering, self-regarding screed of a spoiled teenager.

But most damning of all is the author's insistence on trumpeting the lie that Bush claimed there existed a link specifically between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein. Here's hoping that in the future you take your column back the same way we took Baghdad, but just in case, you'd better run it by the French.

Keep up the good work!

Toby Marcell

Moy, Not Less

Rivas the role model: I am 16 years old, and this article ["Big Steps," by Michael Serazio, October 23] has been a great story to follow up close. I attend Milby High, and Moy Rivas is well known among those who are devoted to the whole break-dancing thing. I have noticed the good contribution he has made toward kids my age, and I would like to emphasize that he is a great example to follow and a great inspiration -- especially because he is a minority who has established a good image for Hispanics.

I once had the opportunity to meet him, and he is a great guy. I recently did a report on him for one of my classes and got an A-plus. Unfortunately, I was unable to get an interview with him, but I used other resources on which to base my information, including your article.

Once again, thanks, and I hope to read other great stories.

Ruth E. Castro

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