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Check your "Latitude" at the door for the CAMH's new show

In a discussion from the catalog, a curator introduces the idea of it being okay to say "I don't know" -- it almost seems like an attempt at self-reassurance. But the sentiment is valid: Fear of being wrong can confine you to familiar territory and ensure you never venture out, creating a kind of intellectual agoraphobia. More curators need to take risks and go beyond their "comfort zones."

Next stop, China: Mao salutes in Living 
Wang Jian Wei
Next stop, China: Mao salutes in Living Elsewhere.


Through September 26; 713-284-8250
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, 5216 Montrose

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"Multiculturalism" was an art buzzword in the '90s, and a lot of work by multicultural artists was shown, primarily in shows aboutmulticulturalism. A similar thing seems to be happening with the 21st-century buzzword "globalism." But, of course, a truly global approach to art will be impossible until artists from far-flung places are regularly included in shows not specifically about the "global."

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