Best Stadium Announcer

 Bob Ford It's a summer Sunday in Houston, early in the afternoon. Translation: The air's sweltering, and the sunlight's blinding. There's a vast expanse of green grass surrounded by steel and concrete, and a sweating mass of human bodies waiting. A voice comes booming out over the latest Britney Spears song: "Good afternoon, Astros fans." Nothing sounds more perfect than the voice of Bob Ford, the Houston Astros' public address announcer. With his deep, rumbling timbre, which can be heard on high in any cranny of the park, Ford makes his presence known during every game. calls him "the voice of God." In the church of Minute Maid Park, the masses give thanks to the gods of baseball for Roger Clemens, and for Bob Ford, who continues with his sermon: "Now, for today's lineups."

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