I found it very humorous about the reviewer taking the leftover osso buco to the headquarters of Martin Preferred Foods, one of the state's top veal suppliers. Funny, that's the same place we buy our veal from!

As far as the owner's behavior being a little troppo, that's the luxury of being an owner of a top-notch restaurant. Complaints are so few that he doesn't have time to listen to such ignorance. A little advice: Stop making an "ass" of yourself and getting kicked out of restaurants.

And that spiky-haired young waiter who reads the specials with a phony Italian accent? He happens to be one of our best waiters and makes top dollar. Guests love it! And obviously it's working for him.

Get a life, and thanks a bunch for the advertisement. Business will be booming with new customers wanting to try the osso buco.

Michelle Spradlin
League City

Endless quest: As a devoted lover of osso buco, I was very interested in your Portofino review. I've never been to Portofino, but I was interested in the comments by the man at Martin Preferred Foods; I learned something here.

What, in your opinion, are good restaurants for OB in the Houston area? I've had it at Fuad's, Fabio's, Simposio, La Mora, La Trattoria and Pepe's; the best by far was Sorrento. I've had it there three times, and it was excellent each time.

The best I've had anywhere is Valentino's in Santa Monica, California, but unfortunately that's not too convenient. I've asked at Da Marco on two occasions why they don't have it and have gotten an incoherent answer each time.

Jerry Hawsey

Food fun: I always enjoy your reviews of certain restaurants and their dishes. The osso buco review at Portofino Ristorante was just hilarious! I was in stitches. I plan to try a few suggestions on the food and try to get the fake Italian waiter for kicks!

Thank you so much. Loved it.
Annette Battiste


Heave ho: Robb Walsh, you're fired! Alex Salmassi was smart to throw him out, and if more chefs in Houston knew what Walsh looked like, he'd be thrown out of even more places. Maybe Mr. Salmassi can help by releasing a sketch of him. Walsh's reviews are ridiculous, and he is a joke. He should leave Houston and take himself to a place where his smug, superior attitude can be appreciated. Apparently the restaurants in Houston are just not good enough for him.

If Walsh is not an arrogant, rude person, then why is he always getting the boot? Hit the bricks, Robb Walsh!

Caroline Miller

Hidden Havens

The explorer Walsh: I completely disagree with Hayden Greenwade's letter [Letters, "Restaurant Views," September 16] regarding Robb Walsh's choice of restaurants to review. I would much rather learn about a new hole-in-the-wall that I would probably be afraid to try otherwise. Just because you eat it with a plastic fork doesn't mean it can't be darned tasty.

Larry Dockall

Meaty servings: I absolutely love reading Robb Walsh's restaurant reviews, even if I have no burning desire, good review or not, to go to the place being reviewed. He always gives some interesting background on the cuisine, and I especially love it when he takes the dish to go and has it analyzed for the quality of ingredients.

His articulate descriptions of the decor, service (or disservice, as the case may be) and, of course, the food itself are one of the highlights of the Houston Press. Keep up the good work.

John C. O'Donnell

Bayou City Booty

Pirate stash: Tom O'Brien's pirate course is top-notch ["Shiver Me Timbers," Hair Balls, September 9]. I happened upon it, and have really enjoyed his perspective on trade issues.

No need to update 20th- and 21st- century pirates, Tom; we've just got to read Hair Balls, an occasional Houston Business Journal and the financial reports of several businesses up and down Smith, Louisiana, Milam and Travis -- the westside energy cartel -- and keep an eye on Houston's municipal government.

Name withheld by request

Rock Hunters

Bag the best music: Good stuff [Racket, by John Nova Lomax, September 16]!

The past two times have let me down, but in general, weekday lunch hours at Brown Bag Deli (the Barnaby's spin-off on Westheimer near Shepherd) simply rock. The guys have the satellite radio or whatever turned to hard-core classic rock. Not the classic rock you hear on corporate "classic rock" radio, but actual legit great stuff.

Sure, I love the oldies, but to my husband's great consternation, I'm a googly-eyed sucker for classic rock.

The women who work weekends at Brown Bag have their own taste in music, and it isn't mine, but I do like the fact that the music changes depending upon who's working. It suggests independent thought and a genuine love of music. I adore the place. On more than one occasion, I've noticed that my bread is bordering on stale. Anywhere else, I'd complain or stop going back. But the music is just so damn good, and that's too hard to find.

Anyway, no real point, just thanks for a fun column.

Andrea Greer (Mrs. Allen Oldies)

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