Best Beefs and Bouquets

Sandwich job: Your Best Contribution to Downtown Redevelopment [Best of Houston, September 23] commented that most light rail accidents were "usually the car's fault." I take issue with this.

I was in a line of cars heading south on Fannin toward Old Spanish Trail recently, when the light at Galen and Fannin turned red. The cars in front of me stopped for the light. I could not move forward because the back of my car would have been on the railroad track. I could not back up because there were cars behind me all the way to Holcombe. Then I see the railroad gate going down 30 yards behind me and the train coming. The passing train missed the front of my car by a foot.

If you happen to be in a line of cars when the red light comes on, you are trapped, my friends. Between the place where the gate comes down and the track is located, you could fit five or six cars. This is an accident just waiting to happen.

David Young

Gray matter: To my secret admirers (on the assumption you were not poking fun with Best Brain), I am flattered, appreciative, amused -- and quite unconvinced. I will count on the kindness of friends who know better not to say so in my presence.

Bill Martin

Name lore: I read your Best Empanadas item and was blown away by the misinformation. You stated that "when you name your business after yourself, you better be good at it." That restaurant is not named after anyone.

The story goes that the original name was Marini's (after Marcelo and Pelusa Marini), and was later changed to Marine's because of a bad partnership. The original Marini's (which started in Montrose in the '70s) is back (in a new location in Cinco Ranch) and better than I can remember. Please find the original Marini's and you will see how "when you name a business after yourself, they are good at it!"

Adriana Hernandez

Jumping for joy: A huge thank you! I can't tell you how surprised and honored I was to be named one of the Best Dancers. Many thanks again, and see you at the ballet.

Barbara Bears

Overstepping: It's most appropriate to recognize Dominic Walsh Dance Theater for its contribution to the Houston arts scene [Best Modern Dance Company], but please do not confuse your readers by calling what DWDT stages "modern dance." It is contemporary dance (contemporary ballet, specifically), not modern dance, and the distinction is not trivial. "Modern dance" refers to a long-standing tradition of rebelling against the ballet aesthetic of pretty lines and pirouettes, against the notion that viewing a performance should be an act of adoration and awe, and against the idea that movement should be derived primarily from a finite number of court steps and classical body positions.

DWDT, according to Mr. Walsh's own statements, utilizes classical technique and aesthetics in a contemporary manner to explore contemporary themes -- the very definition of contemporary ballet.

I have the highest respect for what DWDT is trying to do; however, I think it's important to not lose sight of what "modern dance" is really all about, especially when there are so many modern dance artists in Houston working so tirelessly to expose new audiences to the differences.

Louie Saletan, managing director

Suchu Dance

Falling Star: I love reading the Best of Houston issues, but I almost choked when Star Pizza showed up as Best Pizzeria -- again.

I like Star Pizza, but they cannot make a pie stay dry. The bottom goes soggy almost immediately. Have you people never been to Biba's Greek Pizza? What about Collina's? Frank's Pizza downtown? All of these places are better than Star Pizza.

Cheeeze, man.
Russell Webb


On the rocks: I have been a faithful reader of your publication for years now. I must finally voice a negative opinion. Your choice of Best Bartender makes my bowels quiver in spastic disgust. As a patron of bars in the Loop area, I have found the "help" at Front Porch to be poor to excellent.

Your choice cannot compare to the hordes of talented bartenders in the Midtown and downtown areas. I beg you to retract your award and seriously do your homework. Your selection is a spit in the face of all hardworking professionals who have come to earn the admiration of their customers.

Courtney Evans

Bar none: Are you kidding? Best Bartender?

Who did she pay off? She wouldn't know a Bloody Mary from her ass.

And 'tude?! She's one of the crankiest people I've ever met. A pissed-off order-taker at best. This pick has diluted the credibility of the Press.

David Redding

Dialing up: Excellent to hear you plugged KPFT 90.1 -- Houston's only community radio station -- as Best Radio Station. I had abandoned the Houston Press for the Free Press, but I'll start picking them both up. Thanks.

Theresa Keefe

Stream of Conscience

Wilderness ravagers: Well done, Margaret Downing ["Keeping It Real," September 16]. You did a commendable job covering all sides of this contentious debate regarding land use. I am an Aggie, Texas master naturalist and environmental science teacher who has spent almost my whole life in southeast Texas.

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