Courting Criticism

Blame it on the judge: Who composed the bullshit extolling Judge James Squier as the Best Civil Court Judge [Best of Houston, September 23]?

Squier did not give a shit in our case. He prostituted himself; he was not about to be deboned by the "Court Watch Vampires" over the likes of a child and her need for a stable, happy, loving, respectful home and a life with her father.

My daughter's life was destroyed, not to mention my own. It has been 13 years since my daughter set eyes on me. Either Squier has no heart, no understanding of human psychology and no common sense, or he was not going down over the precious life of a child.

Robert Gartner

Faith Restored

Finding friends: Thank you for the feature on Scott Wizig ["The Specialist," by Craig Malisow, September 2]. You have confirmed my belief that there are still some good people out there. I am fortunate to have friends, co-workers and resources to help me.

Lynda Bushy

Up a Creek

Respect nature: Congratulations on your recent excellent article about abusive ATV behaviors along Spring Creek ["Keeping It Real," by Margaret Downing, September 16]. Houston Audubon Society owns an 11-acre tract of land near Spring Creek, and we are gravely concerned about the extensive damage the ATV operators are causing.

ATV intrusions are a problem in many of our sanctuaries, but the damage occurring along Spring Creek is the worst. The damage to habitat and birds caused by the severe and pervasive assault on the creek corridor is incalculable. Birds will disappear completely if their nests and nesting habitat continue to be destroyed. Such a loss for the sake of a few thrills in the present clearly isn't warranted.

Dedicated people are working hard to preserve Spring Creek for present and future generations to enjoy in a way that is respectful of each other and the wildlife that has lived there for hundreds of years. I commend them for their courageous work -- and you for bringing this matter to the public's attention.

Joy Hester, executive director
Houston Audubon Society

ATV justice: I applaud TPWD and Harris and Montgomery counties for beginning to enforce the law by ticketing and arresting off-roaders who flagrantly ride in Spring Creek. Having canoed that stream for 20 years, I can tell you that it is definitely navigable in fact and as defined by state law. Regardless of who owns the banks of the stream, those waters belong to the state of Texas. Some of these ATV enthusiasts may not want to hear this from a "tree-hugging bastard," but I hope they will soon hear it from a judge.

John Bartos

Theater in the Round

Size doesn't matter: While I appreciate your review of The Cat's Meow at the Country Playhouse, [Stage, Encore, September 16], I am a good friend of Johanna Bonno, who played the part of Louella Parsons, and I feel your reference to her as "rotund" was distasteful and mean.

That comment had absolutely nothing to do with her brilliant performance of Parsons and was just a slam on her appearance. I think when you are reviewing a show, you should look at the person's acting ability and/or singing ability, and if size has anything to do with the part, then yes, you can mention it. But in this instance, it had absolutely nothing to do with that. Think about this the next time you decide to hurt somebody's feelings for no reason at all.

Rae Lynn Cuddihy

Fish Flick

Lighten up: I think Robert Wilonsky was assigned to review the wrong movie ["Floundering," September 30]. Shark Tale is a kids' movie. Lighten up!

In a day and age of PlayStation and GameBoy, a shark being hit by an anchor is no big deal. So what if the movie was ghetto? Ghetto is reality for some children, and they shouldn't grow up being ashamed of it.

What I'm saying is that if you had more exposure, this movie wouldn't seem so violent or unfunny. Shark Tale is a coming out for a shark that was different. I've got three kids, and they laughed their asses off.

Albert de la Fuente

Radio Active

Tuning out listeners: Compliments on your "letter" to Radio One [Racket, by John Nova Lomax, September 30]. I can't even begin to tell you how thoroughly disgusted and bitter I am about the state of radio today. Sure, it sucks in Houston, but thanks to the megamedia, profit-snorting bastards, radio sucks almost everywhere these days.

Your column made me jump up and down like I was at a gospel revival.

Thanks for being so poignant. I sincerely hope that you actually mailed that letter. If Michael Moore wants to tackle a cause in a documentary, here is the topic that really represents the people, our youth and their future. Now, if only Duane Bradley would listen up and stop f*$#@ing up KPFT's format so much, at least we would still have one FM station on the dial worth listening to.

Tripper Evans

Squeaky Clean

The real singer: I guess it's not that important, but Squeaky is not the vocalist for Soundclub [The Nightfly, by Brian McManus, September 23]. I am. He's just a friend of the "band."

Ryan Hunt

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