Cut and Run

No porn future for a Bobbitt protégé

Burks could not be reached for comment. He was probably busy getting fitted for his annual holiday-season Ebenezer Scrooge costume.

Mock the Vote, Part Two

A guy like Burks had a lot of fun on Election Day, but he wasn't alone. And he wasn't styling like Charles Vilven, an alternative precinct judge at the Moody Park Recreation Center.

Chad Crowe
Backe in his pre-Astros days
Backe in his pre-Astros days

Vilven sported a blue panama shirt, yellow-tinted glasses and a slicked-back yellow-gray pompadour. Not to mention a bad attitude, according to voters. (When someone noted the lack of voters Election Day morning, resident Irene Ragsdale says, Vilven proclaimed, "Well, that's because Mexicans don't get up until noon.")

Redistricting meant some longtime Moody Park voters had to vote in different precincts this year. Like Rosie Sanchez, who asked Vilven where she needed to go to cast her ballot. "It was like, 'Tough, just go figure it out for yourself,' " she says of Vilven. "I was furious and I walked out, and I think I even called them a bunch of Republicans."

Harsh words indeed.

Vilven said workers were too busy to look up voting places. (It must've been after noon.) He denied the charges of racism and offered this philosophy of dealing with the public: "I'm not going to bend over and kiss anybody's ass, but I'm not going to disrespect them or anything."

At least he didn't call out the K-9 squad.

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