For Whom the Hell Tolls

Heights residents fear the toll road authority's new land acquisition plans

But Teri Kaplan, who handles bicycle matters for TxDOT, says she can't comment on the likely fate of the rail corridor. "I can't speak to whether or not TxDOT has any [other] intentions for that right-of-way at this point in time," she says.

In the plans, TxDOT has required the city to place the trail along the edge of the corridor, to leave space for other uses. One possibility would be the spur near Shepherd Drive outlined in the toll study. Metro also has considered running light rail down the corridor and then cutting south along Yale Street to link up with a possible Washington Avenue line.

Given the city's interest in the corridor, a bid for the land from the toll road authority might serve only to boost the price. "I have had no discussions with the city on the bike trail," Eckels says, "and they can go negotiate with TxDOT, too."

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