Talking Turkey

Time again to honor the best in Houston

Since the last Houston Press Turkey Awards, Neil has gotten publicity for testifying about Asian trips where women came unbidden to his hotel room for sex ("I don't remember the exact number of times" it happened, he said); for undergoing a very public paternity test as part of his nasty divorce; and of earning this Houston Chronicle headline: "HISD Board Approves Neil Bush Software Deal -- Decision Overrides Legal, Ethical Qualms."

That's just the tip of the Neil iceberg, an iceberg that somehow has not managed to do much harm to the Bush image. Still, he's ours, and we wish him well.

Turkey of the Year: Janet Jackson
Chad Crowe
Turkey of the Year: Janet Jackson
Movie Turkey
Chad Crowe
Movie Turkey

Which is more than his brothers did earlier this year. Neil was remarried in a River Oaks ceremony that received fawning Chron coverage. Neither W. nor Jeb bothered to attend.

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