And I highly doubt there are many Muslim or pagan KKK members. Not that they are all Christian, but many adhere to some form of Christianity. I do watch the local news; I do lock my door, but not because I'm afraid of heathens. Did you know that about 85 percent of inmates are Christians? Personally, I'm more afraid of a morally just, gay-bashing Christian than I am of a pagan or atheist.

You're just upset because you "had" to be exposed to someone's opinion that didn't exactly match yours. Well, welcome to real life.

I'm not saying all Christians are bad, but anyone who believes in something to the point of killing others (and there are some in every faith, idea or belief) are the bad ones who make the whole bushel seem bad.

Thanks for your time and the opportunity to share my view.

Name withheld by request

Out of This World

Rectal review: Mr. Brian McManus, it's not as if we should be hopeful enough to expect journalism from you, but if you must be an asshole, why on earth can't you be an entertaining asshole ["We're Not the World," October 28]?

Jeremy Tenenbaum

Lone Star sign: I know third-graders who can string sentences together better than this hack. His narrow-minded, redneck political orientation is painfully obvious. It speaks volumes about Texas and its redneck inhabitants.

Jim Wasilko
Washington, D.C.

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