Holiday Spirit

A real-life Christmas move in Kemah

"First of all, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas all have two or sometimes even three sports-talk stations," he says. "We also knew that, you know, there's a lot of settling for the other guys -- that [KILT-AM] wasn't a great sports-talk radio station. We don't see them as insurmountable."

So 790 -- the "Sports Animal," no less -- has been created, affiliated with the ESPN radio network.

Charles admits that "if we try to do a sports show that only talks about goofy trade proposals and all of the fantasy football stuff, we're gonna die a really horrible, slow death."

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Instead, the local show, hosted by Charlie Pallilo, will be "Sports Illustrated combined with GQ and People."

Right. Like one of those issues of GQ or People that constantly propose trading Jeff Bagwell for A-Rod.

Perhaps more incredibly, Charles insists Clear Channel looked at the possibility of creating a liberal talk-radio station instead of sports-talk.

But don't hold your breath: "There didn't seem to be a hole for a successful progressive talk station in Houston," he says.

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The clever fellows at the PR company ttweak are continuing their push to tell people that despite a horde of problems, Houston is still Worth It. They’re sending out postcards illustrated with icons of our notable woes, like large cockroaches, traffic cones and sweltering summer weather. We think they missed a few, though (see illustrations above). And we’re glad to help.

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