So it seems non sequitur to me when educated people assert that because a man who founded a religion also later codified smart ways to study, Houston's children must be shielded from such self-improvement.

If Martin Luther had designed a better plowshare, would our government deny subsidies to farmers who used it? Suppose a pope discovered shortcuts to long division. I can hear it now: "Go to the office, Susie. We caught you doing Catholic math!"

Malisow purposefully oversimplifies the study technology. Supervisors can go through months of courses learning how to spot and diagnose short- and long-term study problems, address and relieve each one, rebuild good study habits, foster conceptual understanding of school materials, then ensure practical application of what's learned.

But dictionaries are employed. If we all look up the word "religion," we'll find it has nothing to do with the methods one uses to successfully learn and apply geography, auto mechanics or complex fractions.

Jon E. von Gunten
Scientology Parishioners League
Tujunga, California

Critic of the creed: Many thanks to Craig Malisow for getting the truth out about Scientology. Scientologists say they are about world peace and no drugs, but they are really about expensive auditing to rid your soul of body thetans (aliens).

Celebrities like Tom Cruise are treated differently in Scientology and do not know the true inner workings of $cientology. Scientologists receive tax deductions for their courses and auditing. Scientology's Fair Game policy allows Scientologists to attack critics, so please do not print my name.

Scientology members must disconnect from family members who criticize Scientology. Again, thank you, Craig Malisow, for your article; you may have saved someone out there from a life of Scientology ruin.

Name withheld by request

Modest salaries: I find this article offensive and inaccurate. I myself have read books by L. Ron Hubbard, which I can tell the author of this article has not. If he wants to throw data around about money, he should get the true data:

All of the upper executives of the church get paid less than $3,000 per year. No one is soaking up the money from services. It all goes to social betterment efforts and general Scientology expansion. I would recommend in the future looking into the facts of this sort of thing before releasing an article of this nature. There are many half-truths angled to be slanderous, and also bald-faced lies.

I have always respected your Web site as someplace I can go to get the straight scoop, do research, etc. Please keep it this way.

Lerey Bishop

Hidden strategies: Readers of Craig Malisow's excellent article on Scientology-backed Project CALL may wonder how Scientology teachings fit with study technology. One example: Students are told that the only reason a person becomes disinterested in a subject or contemptuous of what they're reading is that they have gone past a misunderstood word.

This discounts the possibility that the material itself may be at fault. In fact, it eliminates any notion of critical reading, which is why study technology plays a prominent role in Scientology's cult-indoctrination process. More information is available at www.StudyTech.org.

Professor David S. Touretzky

Shore Thing

Galveston's got it: Of course Galveston County best reflects the overall U.S. market [Hair Balls, "Middle America, Slightly Twisted," December 16]! It's the land of opportunity. The women here drink more and smoke more, too, according to another recent study (a reflection on the men?).

There's nothing like watching a crack whore conduct her bidness on Eighth Street and Seawall on your way to work a science job at UTMB. And you get one free murder. You can't beat that with a stick, can you?

Elizabeth Camp-Hoffman

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