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Houston = Fat City!

They can call us Fat City all they want. It's not our fault that Houston is home to some top-notch restaurants where you can find a great meal for under $10 just about anywhere you look. Heck, half those meals come with free chips and salsa. But as long as we work to counteract the queso, we'll be all right. Houston has gyms in every corner. From big to small, from personal to meat market, there's a gym -- and a workout routine -- to fit us all.

24 Hour Fitness


1550 Post Oak Blvd., 713-840-1436; Willowbrook, 7300 West Greens Road, 281-894-6151; 12260 Gulf Fwy., 713-943-2220; 4950 FM 1960 W., suite A1, 281-583-9333; 1000 Campbell Rd., 713-984-0606; 12400 Westheimer, 281-493-1874; 11320 Westheimer, 281-870-8600; 5080 Richmond, 713-963-9644; 16203 Clay Rd., 281-550-3066; 10707 Westheimer, 713-977-0057; 8650 Endicott Ln., 713-665-2411

Your excuses list just got shorter -- you can cross "can't make the time" right off it. Just as the name says, 24 Hour Fitness is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with locations all over the city. Work out at 4 a.m. if you want to.

American Lady Spa & Men's Gym

9301 Bissonnet, 713-270-0300

American Lady Spa & Men's Gym caters to professionals, individuals and families. So get your kid off the Xbox and in here. They offer cutting-edge workout facilities with a child-friendly environment.

Bally Total Fitness


430 W. Greens Rd., 281-872-1130; 5215 FM 1960 W., suite B, 281-440-9835; 7255 Clarewood Dr., suite 250, 713-771-8395; 2500 Dunstan, 713-521-3113; 15415 Katy Fwy., 281-578-9191; 3936 N. Shepherd Dr., 713-695-5824; 9801 Katy Fwy., 713-467-8181; 1980 Post Oak Blvd., suite A, 713-960-1037; 7737 W. Bellfort, 713-729-7049; 13350 Northwest Fwy., 713-690-1006

Built with your workout in mind. Whether you're looking for the latest equipment, personal trainers or nutritional products, this club has it all for you. You'll find all the amenities and support you need to help you get the results you want.

BeneFIT Personal Training

800-771-5752, www.benefitfitness.com

BeneFIT Personal Training provides affordable, in-home personal fitness training services throughout the USA. Since its inception in 1996, BeneFIT personal trainers have supported hundreds of people in reaching their health and fitness goals.

Body & Soul Nutrition & Fitness

14085 Main, 713-721-7099, www.bodyandsoulfitnessonline.com

They've got it all down there on the south side: free weights, universal equipment, circuit training, supervised weight training, personal trainers, corporate fitness program, juice and smoothie bar, apparel boutique, sauna and massages.

B.O.N.A. Fitness

10640 Westheimer, 832-251-8080, www.bonafitness.com

Houston's newest fitness club offers some of the area's best personal trainers with incredible track records. Whether you train with a personal trainer or just need a great place to work out, you will be certain to get results at B.O.N.A. Fitness. Come experience a motivating atmosphere with a wide range of free weights and exercise equipment to fit your needs.

Champions Fitness Together

5505 FM 1960 W., suite 516, 281-583-2348, www.ftchampions.com

You might see lots of weight machines in this facility, but it's far from an ordinary gym. We're told it smells much better, too. Because the emphasis at Fitness Together is on personal training, their rooms are private. In fact, they guarantee that you will never have to wait in line for a machine or feel like anyone else is judging your physical ability. That's because every time you enter the facility, your personal trainer will take you to your private room and guide you through your entire exercise routine.

Choice Fitness Resources

1627 Fall Valley Dr., 281-497-3726

Choice is a fitness consulting firm specializing in helping black females with exercise, nutrition, health and fitness information and related issues.

Copperfield Jazzercise

Bear Creek, 15420 FM 529, 281-855-3488

You know you've still got those leg warmers you used to sport in the '80s in one of your closets. Dig 'em out and feel the revolution that is Jazzercise.

Curve's International

866-444-9887, www.curvesinternational.com

North Shore, 13301 East Fwy., suite 221, 713-330-1200; 17550 W. Little York, suite 9, 281-463-1939; 12218 Jones Rd., suite I, 281-890-5900; 5125 FM 1960 W., 281-537-3000; Jersey Village, 11300 West Rd., 281-477-8855; Mission Bend, 14641 Beechnut, 832-328-0779; Clear Lake, 1956 El Dorado Blvd., 281-990-9636; 7575 San Felipe, suite 101, 713-975-0500; 5326 Weslayan, 713-839-0500; 1330 Wirt Rd., suite L, 713-956-4846; 12002 Richmond, suite 400, 281-531-1302; 2600 Gessner, suite 114, 713-939-8088; 1225 W. 43rd, 713-957-2003; 444 W. 19th, 713-861-9602; 12124 Greenspoint, 281-875-9999; 14749 Memorial Dr., 281-920-3300; 13420 Tomball Pkwy., suite C, 281-272-9292; 8592 Hwy. 6 N., 281-861-9854; 11003 Fuqua, 713-910-8500; Northwest Crossing, 13147 Northwest Fwy., suite 130, 713-460-4846; 4916 S. Main, suite 120, 713-524-5005; 259 FM 1960 E. Bypass, 281-446-1122

Curves is the largest fitness franchise in the world, with more than 8,000 locations worldwide. They are the first fitness and weight loss facility dedicated to providing affordable, one-stop exercise and nutritional information for women, and they started right here in Houston. Only one place can give you the strength of more than four million women. This new concept of 30-minute fitness, strength training, weight-loss guidance and a comfortable environment designed for women is appealing to women on the go.

DJ's Better Body Fitness

1987 West T.C. Jester Blvd., 713-864-1231, www.djsbetterbody.com

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