The timeliness of your article in conjunction with the Houston Chronicle's "In Harm's Way" was great. We all assume that someone in the government is looking out for us and protecting the environment. As you pointed out, if we are not active citizens, the easy route is often taken. Before we know it, we could experience the Easter Island effect.

I applaud your excellent controversial coverage, and hope that it will inspire those of us who are sad, but silent, to speak out as you have.

PS: Is this why Clear Lake is really a mucky brown lake, or was someone joking when they named it?

Debra Goode

Vanishing Help

Restore mental health funding: While it was certainly troubling to read your article about Lisa Diaz, Andrea Yates and other mothers in Texas who have killed their children because of depression ["Insanely Guilty," by Glenna Whitley, January 20], the larger issue is why this has happened on several occasions in recent years.

It is outrageous that in Texas, the second-largest state in population, a person with mental health problems is virtually required to commit a crime and be arrested and sent to prison in order to receive reasonably adequate care for his or her condition. Although I know that the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation does its best to serve the mentally ill population, I have read articles that indicate that far too often the level of treatment is woefully inadequate.

It is high time the legislature came up with a more reasonable level of funding for mental health care, and I hope it does so in the current session.

David Hinterberger

An Oaf of Office

Countering Bush: I was thrilled to see the Houston Press's coverage of the "Inaugurate Yourself" protests ["Hell to the Chief" and "Pruning the Bush," by Steven Devadanam, January 20 and 27]. Living in a sea of SUVs and "Luv Ya Dubya" stickers is enough to get any liberal down, so it's refreshing to know that resistance is alive and fertile in the belly of the beast.

The Press did an awesome job covering the festivities before and after they happened in a "fair and balanced" way. Good for you, guys!

And I, for one, want to see that dance-off!

Katie Heim

Boiling Mad

Crawfish the right way: Thank you, Carolyn Picard of Maurice, for clearing up the differences between Creole and Cajun cuisine [Letters, "Creole Carp," January 27]. Would someone now teach every single restaurant in Houston how to boil crawfish? I grew up south of Lafayette and would like to invite everyone who thinks that crawfish cooked by steaming and sprinkling is good to take a drive down to Richard's in Abbeville or Big John's in Erath and see what God meant crawfish to taste like!

Chally Matte

Slip and Fall

Wrong Headedness: In his review of Arthur Miller's After the Fall at the Alley Theatre, D.L. Groover mistakenly writes that the original title of the play was Inside His Head ["After the Lecturing," January 27].

In fact, the original title of Miller's masterpiece Death of a Salesman (which the Alley also produced several years ago, and for which I was dramaturge) was The Inside of His Head. I can understand Mr. Groover's confusion, as the abandoned title would seem to fit both of these confessional plays.

Travis Mader

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